Colori della Repubblica Italiana
Before scheduling an appointment you are required to read very carefully the instructions contained on this section.

Apply at this Consulate General only if you are a permanent resident of the following states: Massachusetts, Rhode Island, New Hampshire, Vermont and Maine. If not, you must apply at the Italian Consulate competent for your place of legal residence.

In case the system is full and no reservations are available please note that it is advisable to log into the system Mondays and Wednesdays night after 6:00 pm (ET time) as the system frees the first available date

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  • The day of your appointment along with your full documentation a proof of permanent residency must be presented.
  • The day of your appointment, a payment of €300.00 is also required. Such payment is accepted by money order ONLY (made to Italian General Consulate Boston). The amount in US dollars changes every trimester. The current fee is equal to $318.40 (valid until September 30th 2015). Please check back for updates.
Cost of Italian citizenship application starting July 8th, 2014

Applicants for Italian citizenship shall pay with a money order The fee shall apply to descendants over 18 (children, grand-children, etc.) of Italian citizens. The fee shall also apply only to female spouses of Italian citizens who got married before April 27th, 1983, who wish to obtain the recognition of the Italian citizenship.

For marriage after April 27th 1983, for reacquisition and to renounce to Italian citizenship please read the instructions in the section dedicated to this. This fee is not refundable, regardless of the outcome of the application.

The Consulate does not provide the following services:
  • Carrying out genealogical research in Italy or in other countries
  • Requesting certificates from vital records authorities or writing letters to them
  • Translating documents or certifications into Italian on your behalf

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